THE FLOGGER (the whip )
The WHIP BASIC is an eco friendly toy, which with little creativity, recycled rubber bike, a stick and adhesive strip can do it anyone wanting to play and experience their senses and emotions.
Sex toys are personal things , to do it by yourself you can customize and create the function of your needs, your style of play, and your tastes.
When the whip is discarded you can renew, change tires and the adhesive strip … and play again!
If you want a more durable whip always are people like me engaged in professional confection.

The Romans used whips made of sheep intestines in their Lupercalias parties.

1704 flogging as punishment appears to rid the meat to the whims of the prophets of sadistic sex.
Victorian society are the first specialized brothels for S.M. pleasures (Mistress Collette)

1828 Berkley and Berkley Horse Mistress.

In our society its steel a taboo, practiced in very closed places and groups.

1. THE HANDELLE (12 to 50 cm.)

2.THE TAIL (15 to 50 cm . ) The long braids falling faster, but are more difficult to control.

The optional width. The braids are wider thud to fall. The less wide cut are noisier.

The number of braids is optional 9-20. More numerous are the fall give more deaf noise


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