2012 MUMMIES ALIVE (performance/ installation)
Dia nternacional de BDSM,24/7, Aguja Frenetica & Darkorr

+ info:

2012 FETISHADOW ACT ( performance fetish de sombras)
Barcelona Fetish Weekend-festival internatinal de performances y fashion fetish,Aguja Frenetica & Darkorr
-Lisboa Fetish weekend-festival international de performances y fashion

+ info.

2011 FALLING ANGEL(performance fetish/ BDSM)
Barcelona Fetish Weekend, Row14, Barcelona

2011 FUCK ALL DOGMAS(performance de sombras )
-Vaudeville Variete Grotesque Cabaret, Bremen , Alemania
– -Festival International multimedia,La Valette,Francia

2010 THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (performance multimedia )
Proyecto international multimedia, INTENTO ( DavidKontra, Darkorr Aguja Frenetica y Mantiz) ,Chokoladen , Berlin, Alemania

2010 LENGUAS DE FUEGO (performmance multimedia)
, Berlin, Alemania

2009 FACTORY FANTASIES ( corto metrage )
con Panpirates movies,& Aguja Frenetica, Barcelona

2009 FUKTORY FANTASY (performance de suspensiones y pirotecnia )performance colectivo con Monkys circus, Intento, TNT¨System, Barcelona
Presentacion de cortometrage FF

2008 FIRE BEAST (performance mutimedia, pirotecnia y suspensiones)
Day of The Droids -festival international de musica electronica ,con TNT¨System, DDT, Barcelona


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